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Mug Rug club 2022!!

Starting December 2021 mug rug club (designs provided from Desiree's Designs.

Our mug rug club meets the second Saturday of each month from 2pm-5pm. This is a hands on class in which you will have three hours to embroider out the current month mug rug (these are so great they're really more like a mini place mat, more then enough room for a snack and a nice beverage). During this time I'm available for guidance (I always have the current month stitched out ahead of time).

A kit is always available for purchase (as an option). Each month there is a different technique or challenge. There are always lots of bonus items such as recipies and some extra designs along the way (you'll love it)!

You can still take part in the fun of this club the cost is now $175.00 for the year, which will start the second Saturday in December 2021 and end the second Saturday in November 2022. Seating is limited so if you're interested please sign up online or call me at the store (562-760-5462). You can call or email me for details if you're interested. Here is the link for Saturdays


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