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Kimberbell New Spark Event-Deck the Palms

Kimberbell's last Spark event. You don't want to miss out on this one what a way to end spark events

with a BANG!! I'm not quite sure how Kimberbell will get all of the goodies for this event in that little white bag? You will stitch the pretty pink ornament zipper pouch, one of the cute charms and one of the two flamingo drawstring bags. By the way the drawstring bags will be a new Kimberblank.

you will get the designs for all 3 ornament zipper pouches, both 5x7 flaming drawstring bag designs,

both of the 9x9 flaming designs and all of the charms!! WOW!!

There's more-the bonus designs will come in 5x7 and 9x9 when you make a $100.00 purchase in the pop-up shop.

You can sign up for this event in the shop, online or call me, this will be your choice virtual or in store.


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