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Have yourself a Quilty Little Christmas!

Kimberbell’s nostalgic collection features four small quilts for a homey, holiday gallery wall. Stitch the 10x10” Gingerbread Cookies, the 12x16” Quilty Wishes, the 10x18” Sending Holiday Wishes, and the 16x16” Quilty Little Christmas quilts on your embroidery machine, then artfully arrange them with the included printables! With 24 unique designs and a variety of techniques and embellishments, a Quilty Little Christmas is what holiday memories are made of.

We’ve gathered all the merry details for A Quilty Little Christmas! Celebrate warm holiday memories with soft Embroidery Felt, lush Velveteen, sparkly Appliqué Glitter, custom buttons, pink ribbon, and shiny rhinestones!

Now on sale for Pre Order 25% off, no coupon code needed. Coming August 2024!!


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