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There's No Place Like Home

All NEW Kimberbell event.

There's a first time for everything!! Never done before........We will be creating one complete project in TWO days February 26th and 27th 2022. Yes ONE project in TWO days. Many techniques over TWO days to create a beautiful large pillow.

“There’s No Place Like Home!” At Kimberbell’s two-day machine embroidery event, you’ll create one multi-pieced 22 x 22” pillow with background quilting, a flanged border, and a variety of beautiful blocks. Piece the heart in-the-hoop with dimensional Flexi Foam and add a cozy applique cottage with swirly floral chimney smoke. A Velveteen scarf with fringed tassels hangs in the hallway with a poofy hat and darling tote, while the charming weather vane says, “East or west, home is best!”

Your Event Project Kit is packed with everything you need to complete your project, including batting, fabric, and the pillow insert. Stitched in hoops with a 5.7 x 9.45” embroidery field (or larger), your “No Place Like Home” pillow is a lovely reminder that “Home is where you hang your heart!”

If you're interested in this event you can sign up online, call me and sign up over the phone or sign up in person.


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