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Sweet as Pie Bench Pillow

Kimberbell is at it again!! This adorable Sweet as Pie bench pillow will be ready for the

fall season.

Kimberbell’s Sweet as Pie Bench Pillow is a feast for the eyes! Create pie filling with fabric and iron-on vinyl, then top with a lattice crust. Silver Embroidery Leather adds metallic shine to the mixer and pie tins, while Flexi Foam gives puffy dimension to dollops of cream! With interchangeable ribbons, a cork rolling pin, and so much more, our Sweet as Pie Bench Pillow is warm decor to be thankful for.

We’ve gathered special ingredients for your Sweet as Pie Bench Pillow! Spice up your pillow with Embroidery Leather, Sweet as Candy Clear Vinyl, and Embroidery Felt in exclusive Shortbread and Graham Cracker colors. Plus so much more!

There is also a collectible box containing all of the fabrics that you will need to complete this pillow.

The kit also includes backing fabric.

I have all three items available for pre-order at ten percent off. you can order at the attached link

You can also order by coming iinto the shop or calling me and I will process your order over the phone.


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