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Special FX free Dime Virtual Event

Did you miss dime SpecialFX Virtual Embroidery Event? You can still watch the event and shop the special pricing for 48 hours after the event. Watch trough tomorrow Sunday June 16th.

It's not too late!

Watch Now!

Transform simple artwork into amazing embroidery designs.

There’s no reason to settle for dull, flat embroidery designs. In this virtual event, you’ll learn how to apply specialty techniques such as fringe, plaid, chenille, foam, prism and ombre to simple artwork. Plus, discover how to add depth and dimension to over hundreds of trendy and appealing embroidery designs. You’ll get the look you want with just a couple tricks of the trade.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Add Mylar to text or shapes

  • Stitch chenille in the hoop

  • Blend thread colors seamlessly and effortlessly

  • Add fringe accents to text, flowers, animals, grass and more

  • Mix features for spectacular effects

Don't forget to get your free deign at checkout!!


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