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NEW!! Customer Loyalty Program

Be Sew Bizzy is starting a new Customer Loyalty Program!!

Sew this is how it will work. Starting with Two Scoops bench pillow, if you pre order any kit from

Be Sew Bizzy you will receive a 10% discount on the entire kit (thread kits not included).

For those of you that have already pre ordered I will compensate you with a Be Sew Bizzy gift card for your 10%.

If you were on the fence about Two Scoops you still have the opportunity to pre order as the fabric kits are not in stock as of yet. I have seen this pillow up close, the pictures DO NOT do it justice!!

You can also purchase the background quilting for this project by using our link

We will do a blog each time there is a preorder item coming out. We intend that this discount will apply to physical kits sold through Be Sew Bizzy for in-store or vault items. The pre-order period for any product will be from the time it is announced through the time it is available for actual purchase and delivery.

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