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Kimberbell's What's New Wednesday!!

Oh my GOSH!!!!!!! What a Wednesday morning!!!!

Cuties Vol 2 July-December will be shipping to us today! If you haven't ordered yours yet there is still time.

Kim showed a couple of different samples of how to use the Shout Hooray Bench pillow for projects other

than the original intention of the bench pillow. We have a limited number of boxed fabric kits for this project (I can cut kits when we run out of boxes but, they won't be on sale). You can find those boxed kit here

Kimberbell has the background quilting for Cuties vol2 on sale and you can get it here:

Background quilting for Shout Hooray is here:

In case you haven't heard........we're MOVING!! We are having a sale, we don't want to move it all!

Please help us out by using our coupon code move30 (applies to most items in the shop). The sale is on now and will run through May 31, 2023


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