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DIME Beyond Monograms!! (Virtual)

Beyond Monograms has been created by the DIME education team led by Eileen Roche for Be Sew Bizzy.

Betty Elliot will be your host and looks forward to welcoming you to the party on July 22nd!

Create traditional to modern; elegant to casual, lettering like the pros. Ramp up text with metallics, shadow work, mini fonts and jumbo letters. DIME’s Beyond Monograms will captivate you when you see the possibilities you can achieve on any embroidery machine. The 90-minute virtual event also has Q&A time to resolve a myriad of concerns like font selection, letter placement, along with modern approaches to monogramming, lettering and more.

Topics Covered:

  • Make beautiful monograms on any machine

  • Enhance traditional lettering with glittering effects

  • Learn the trick to elegant shadow work

  • Master the secret to legible micro lettering

  • Tips for bold, jumbo monograms

  • Mix fonts for trendy design

  • Graphically fill shapes with text

  • Fabric, stabilizer and thread selections

Location: Be Sew Bizzy Beyond Monograms – 90 minute Virtual event Contact Information: 562-760-5462

Class Dates & Times: July 22nd, 2022 at 1pm PDT (3pm CDT)

Price: FREE!


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